Calgary Concrete Contractor Reviews

“Thanks Louis for the great work!  We’re very pleased with the driveway and really appreciated the fantastic clean-up afterwards!”

– C. & M.

“Thank you so much for getting our job done so quick.  And also a great job!”

– W. & M. S.

“Louis was hired to redo our stairs which was faulty due to poor construction when originally built. Louis was exceptional. He was very fair in his pricing and incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. He told us where we needed to spend money, what could wait, and what we could fix ourselves. His work was top notch. We went to 3 previous clients of his for referrals and two of them had used him twice in ten years. All had great things to say about him. He does excellent work and we would refer him in a heartbeat. We will use him again when it comes time to do our driveway. ”

– K. R.

“I just wanted to thank you for a job well done and for such pleasant workmanship by all three of you.  It is greatly appreciated at the end of our long road of renos.”

– W. & P. W.

“Thanks for the really nice concrete work.”

– T. & L. F.

“Thank you for the excellent job!  We are very pleased!”

– D. & T.

“Louis, please accept this small token of my deep appreciation for all the extra things you did over and beyond making me a wonderful patio.  My sons are so pleased as am I.”

– A.

“Louis and the crew did excellent work!  MJ and I are really pleased with the new walkway.”

– D.J.

“Wow, our patio and sidewalks look amazing!  We are very happy with the work that you have done.  You are a true craftsman and it is obvious you take a lot of pride in your work.  Your suggestions were all well thought out and I’m glad we listened to you!  The front steps and the landing were hard to visualize before-hand, but you made them work.  You have a great team working with you and everyone was a pleasure to deal with.  You can certainly use us as a reference!

– M. & J. S.

“Louis, thank you so much for putting so much effort into getting it ‘just right’!!  We really appreciate your hard and excellent work.

– A. & D. R.

“Louis, we want to thank you and your crew for a terrific job on the concrete walks you put in.  We were impressed right from the beginning…keeping to commitments, showing up on time and on the final workmanship.  You went the extra mile to ensure our gates swung properly (actually cutting them to fit) and left the yard spotless.  (As someone in the concrete industry myself), I was thrilled to see you finish concrete the way it should be done.  You took no shortcuts, didn’t ‘bless’ or over-work the concrete resulting in a nice broom finish.  You are an exception to the rule these days in Calgary where it seems professionalism and good workmanship have been long forgotten.”

– K.B.

“Thanks Louis, the work is fabulous – appreciate the hard work and skill involved.”

– L. & G.

“Louis, we are thrilled with the new stamped front walk and stairs that you poured for us in the last few weeks.  The concrete work surpassed our expectations and your price was very competitive.  Should any potential clients be interested in seeing your work, please feel free to send them over for a look!”

– M.M.

“Thank you so much for the excellent work done on the sculpture base.  The tiles fit beautifully into the centre space and the sculpture went up without a hitch.  The craftsmanship was excellent!  I hope I can work with you again in future, and appreciate your going out of your way to help with this project.”

– E.C.

“Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!  We love it.”

– N.

“Many thanks to all of you – we enjoyed the experience and will be pleased to refer you to our friends and acquaintances.” – J.

“With thanks for your work.  We love the artistic ‘flare’.”

– S. & R.

“I appreciate the care you gave to this project.”

– L.D.

“Our daughter is delighted with the final concrete (and the cleanup and back filling). It is one of the best jobs we have seen and well worth the final price.”

– C.G.

“Thank you for a job well done. I particularly liked the way that you made the finishing touches by filling in the areas beside the steps. I appreciate the manner in which the job was completed – very professional and would not hesitate to have you do any other concrete work or recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.”

– C & C C.

“The workmanship, finished produce and cleanup were exceptional. Thank you very much.”

– D.W.

“I appreciate the clean work environment during the job and cleanup afterward: the quiet and pleasant activity of the workmen during whole job. Thanks to all involved.”

– R.K.

“Thanks again for a superb job done on all the concrete at our home. We appreciate (and admire) the excellent skills you have.”

– C.P.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. We are so pleased with the way everything turned out.”

– A.R.

“The workmanship, finished product and clean-up were exceptional. Thank you very much.”

– D.W.

“The job meets my full expectations and satisfaction. I appreciate the clean work environment during the job and cleanup afterward: the quiet and pleasant activity of the workman during the whole job.”

– R.K.

“What a great job!”

– R.H.

“Thank you for the great job once again. Most appreciated.” – R.L.

“It’s tough to find people that put pride in their work like these guys! I’d recommend them to anyone.”

– D.S.

“Would recommend this firm to anyone. Very courteous and professional.”

– G.W.

“…your prompt response and the dedicated work of your crew to get the job done in a short timeframe…care that was taken not to “destroy” either the fence or the back yard while completing the job…high quality work…really looked nice when it was finished…yard being left free of debris…pleasant attitude of your crew.”

– J.D.

“We thought your work was worth more to us than what is on your bill. Therefore, please accept this small bonus as our token of appreciation.”

– L.G.

“May I hereby express my appreciation of and my admiration for your business ethics…seldom have I seen two men work so diligently and so carefully…I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your firm.”

– C.M.

“The patio looks great. Your people did a very nice, professional job. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone who asks.”

– C.H.

“Thank you for your great workmanship. It restores my faith in mankind that it is still possible to receive a good job for your money.”

– K.B.

“Just a word of thanks for doing such a nice job…and for doing them so quickly. Thanks also for cleaning up the terrible mess of rubbish and lumber the last outfit left strewn all over our front lawn.”

– R.